How does your family celebrate Christmas? Do you know how families from the other parts of the world celebrate theirs, if they do celebrate it? Every family has different Christmas traditions and every country has unique ways to enjoy their holidays, too. But here are the wackiest, most unique, and most fun traditions around the world.

Japan Is All About Christmas Chicken

There are only a few Christians in Japan, so they don’t treat Christmas as a holiday. However, they still await the arrival of Santa Kuroshu and eat ‘Christmas Cake’ bought by the father for his family back home.

In the last few years, KFC has also made Christmas Chicken Dinner popular that many Japanese families have to make reservations at the restaurant. They even form a long queue to get their orders.

KFC Japan

Wales Performs Mari Lwyd

In Wales, Christmas celebrations mean having one villager chosen to go parading with a mare’s skull propped up by a wooden pole as the rest of the villagers sing.

Mari Lwyd