Filipinos are getting used to the idea of shopping online, hence the success of Lazada Philippines’ annual Online Revolution since 2013. However, a survey showed that many Filipinos are still worried about their security and the quality of the products that are sold online.

Lazada Philippines CEO Inanc Balci said that their online shop has a buyer protection program, which guarantees that all the products sold on the site are genuine, fully-functional, and new. He even showed their Muntinlupa warehouse, where purchased items are signed, sealed, and shipped to the buyers.

For those who are still new to online shopping and worried about their security, these tips might help:

  1. Update your browser.

Use your browser’s latest version to get the most up-to-date security protection.

  1. Install a good anti-malware program.

Protect your computer or mobile phone from viruses and other attacks. It would be better to choose a program that automatically updates itself.

  1. Check your computer or device’s security settings.

Optimize your security settings to prevent malicious programs from using your security vulnerabilities against you. Install those free security patches and updates and run a program that gets rid of security loopholes and strengthens vulnerabilities.

  1. Choose a mobile shopping app.

It would be more secure if you download Lazada’s mobile application. It’s tougher to tamper with mobile apps. [INPOSTLB]

  1. Keep your password to yourself.

You will have better control over your shopping and spending if you are the only one accessing your Lazada account. Don’t reveal your password to anyone, even if call or email support staff tried to ask you for it. They won’t need it to identify and verify your identification. 

  1. Choose a payment method that you feel more secure with.

If you are comfortable with PayPal, go for it. If you prefer credit cards, then click on the option. It might be better if you choose one that you have used before to make payments.

  1. Wait for the confirmation receipt of your order.

If it doesn’t come shortly after making an order, it could be due to hiccups in your order. This is especially true during the peak shopping season, usually starting during the -ber months. But if this happens in other sites, it could be because that online shop is a scam.  Document all your online purchases. Save a copy or print them until your order is delivered.

  1. Read the product information first.

This will give you an idea on what to expect from the item, even before you see the actual product.

  1. Use strong passwords.

Lazada will ask you to register first before you can shop. Protect your account with strong passwords.

  1. Know that Lazada offers a Buyer Protection program.

This guarantees that shoppers can return the item within a specific time period and order another one as a replacement.

Make your Lazada shopping experience a good one. Don’t miss out on great deals, especially during the Online Revolution, just because you’re afraid of things that can be remedied using the tips mentioned above.