Get ready for Christmas by preparing your shopping list. And where else can you find great discounts other than Lazada, the biggest online shopping site in the Philippines?

If this is your first time shopping at Lazada, here are some simple tips that you can use:

Pay attention to special promotions

You pick Lazada for their exclusive deals so make the most out of its biggest sale season like the #OnlineRevolution, that runs from November 1 to December 12 for this year’s campaign. You can also join in the fun while on-the-go using the Lazada Mobile App.

Prepare to snatch items from the 11-Peso Deals on November 11, such as the Adult Zen and Anti-Stress Coloring Book, Push Up Pro, Security Credit Card Wallet, 10000mAh Powerbank, and other items, all for 11 pesos. You can save hundreds of pesos from the deal.

There are also 99-Peso Deals, also on November 11, on items such as Stackable 4-Layer Shoe Rack, Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser, Wrangler Ladies’ Wristlet, and Credit Card Type Folding Safety Knife.

If you want to pick some stuff for your loved ones, godchildren, or yourself, these Lazada deals are totally perfect. [INPOSTLB]

Look for discount codes

These are often provided on Lazada’s website, its Facebook Page, and right on the mobile app so take your time to download it. You can use these codes during Checkout so you get additional discounts. Here are useful Tips on Using Lazada Vouchers. You can also find Lazada vouchers and discount codes here.

Keep track of the “Sale” dates.

Lazada is generous and innovative in coming up with Sale which they normally announced on Lazada’s website, its Facebook Page, and on the mobile app as well. Knowing when they hold their sale will help you maximize the deals you’ll get out of Lazada. It might even help you plan your spending and savings.

Search for products you like on the site

Just type in the name of the product within the site and choose from several listings coming from different suppliers. The prices may vary based on suppliers, so pick the best one for you.

Choose “Cash on Delivery” (COD) option

There are many payment options that you can choose when shopping at Lazada. You can pay ahead of time and wait for the product to be dropped off. If you don’t have credit card, PayPal, or any other online payment option, or while you do, but isn’t comfortable about sharing financial details in the internet, you may choose COD as delivery option for your purchases whereby you have to pay for the item directly to the courier as soon as you received them.

Shop and Relax

If you shop during sale dates, be prepared to wait for longer than the usual delivery time since there is bound to be a high volume of orders on these dates. The bottom line is that the sellers would be responsible for the shipment of the orders themselves, except for those who are using Lazada’s warehouse and logistics services.

Enjoy shopping! Got questions? Shoot it up in the comment section below.