You use your phone to stay in touch with other people, but did you know that women can also use it now to check if they are pregnant?

First Response developed a pregnancy stick test that you can pee on, the results of which can be checked using a downloadable pregnancy test app paired with it. Aside from the results, the app also produces entertaining videos, as well as services and content to guide you through whatever the result may be.

How It Works

This high-tech pregnancy stick test communicates with the paired app via Bluetooth. The app can be downloaded to any Android or iPhone device. It informs the user when the test is ready for use and how to use it. It automatically switches on once you get rid of the wrapper. To sync it with the companion app, you just need to tap a button on your phone.

Photo: First Response
Photo: First Response

Just like with any other pregnancy tests, you have to wait for about three minutes and the app will notify you the moment the stick detects the urine sample. According to Wendy Bishop, brand manager of First Response Group, this is an important feature that they included in the test because many women often think that they did not provide enough sample for the test to give accurate results. [INPOSTLB]

The app offers a countdown and even provides the user different types of content, including Entertain Me, Educate Me, or Calm Me. The entertainment option leads to BuzzFeed videos. The education option leads to content about fertility. The calming option opens breathing techniques, peaceful clips related to nature, and even meditation music.

For security purposes, the app requires users to enter a designated code before the result of the test is revealed. Bishop adds that their company prioritizes their customers’ privacy so they frown upon collecting user information.

What Happens After the Result Is Revealed?

Once the results come out, the app will continue guiding the user as to what to do next.

“Congratulations” may or may not be provided after a positive test result, depending on whether the user indicated that she was trying to get pregnant or not.


The First Response pregnancy test app also comes up with a possible due date, questions the doctor may ask, pregnancy developments, and even prenatal appointments.

In the case of a negative test result, the app may help a woman who wants to get pregnant take a shot at the goal again by showing her ovulation cycle. If the user indicated that she wasn’t trying, the app stays neutral.

What to Expect

The First Response pregnancy test kit just looks like any regular, non-Bluetooth test kits out there, except it may cost you between $15 and $22. Its paired pregnancy test app is available for free, with all its content completely accessible to users, regardless of whether they take the test with the kit or not, except for the test-taking features that remain locked unless a stick is used.

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