With newborn babies, we are often extra careful when carrying them in our arms. In fact, we make sure we do everything right from taking the baby from the crib or bed to carefully placing them in our arms. We have no problems on how to carry a baby when they are newborns or neonates.

The problem usually starts when the baby gets older, like a year old or more. We tend to forget that kids one or two years old are still babies and therefore fragile. In fact, some experts say babies are kids from newborns to age four so that includes toddlers.

Yes, toddlers are still “babies” and we should be careful how we handle them. Even if toddlers are kids big enough to be ready to walk around (the word toddler comes from “toddle” which means to walk unsteadily), there’s no reason to think we can be less careful with them.

So, how should you carry your baby?

Carrying Newborns

With newly born babies, what we should be careful about is when carrying them upright. After feeding them, we need to make them burp. This means we need to carry them in our arms in an upright position (like a sitting position).

But we cannot really make them sit straight in our arms because they’re too young for that. What we need to do is make them lean a bit forward and rest on our shoulder (actually, it’s somewhere between our shoulder and neck).

While supporting their backs and heads with our free hand, we need to tilt the baby a bit backward to help them lean and rest on our shoulder. This eliminates stress on their spine. Do this until they burp. Burping is necessary to prevent babies from throwing up after feeding or collecting gas in their tummy.

When making babies lie down in our arms, we have to make sure that their spine is well supported with one of our hands on their back.

Carrying Toddlers

Toddlers love to move around. So often, we hold them by the hand to support them when they’re trying to walk. And often, too, we lift them up by the hand if we need to keep them out of obstacles or if we want to carry them in our arms. Experts say this is a definite no-no.

Toddler babies are still babies and therefore have tender limbs. Lifting them up by the hand or forearm may injure their young bones. Experts recommend always carrying or lifting up toddler by their armpits. Simply place each hand in each armpit of the toddler and gently lift them up.

Even if you’re not a first time parent, it helps to pay attention to the proper ways on how to carry a baby. You might learn a few things that you’ve actually been doing wrong for years and prevent any injury to your baby’s delicate body.