If you have kids younger than five years old, you’d likely be struggling with a lot of things. It is definitely a challenge to get out of the house, bringing a baby or a toddler with their strollers and other gears. It is also a physical exercise to chase your toddlers around since they are likely feeling independent at this age.

However, these young kids can make you feel the true essence of the Christmas season for the following reasons:

1. They still believe in Santa’s magic.

At their age, they still think that the bearded man in a joyful suit is the one bringing the gifts around. And this belief may not last long, especially when they have friend who start speculating whether Santa is real or not. Through them, you might feel Santa’s magic once more. The excitement of opening your gifts or even trying to stay up late at night while waiting for Santa is definitely one of the best memories anyone, both kids and adults alike, would like to relive over and over again.

2. They motivate you to be active in doing holiday activities.

If you were left on your own, you might have chosen to spend most of your time in bed, doing nothing. But Christmas with kids as parents, you have to take your kids to visit Santa, go shopping, put up a Christmas tree, watch tree lighting activities, go caroling, and prepare for Christmas dinner.

3. They are the best excuse to indulge in your favorite Christmas stories and movies once more.

Even if you’re all grown up with kids of your own, you have to admit that you still love watching Christmas movies and reading holiday stories. The good news is that your kids love them too, so you can all indulge in these holiday treats throughout the season.

4. They spread love through Christmas cards.

It feels good to open Christmas cards from family and friends showing their adorable kids.

5. They make you realize just how more fulfilling it is to give than to receive.

Instead of making a wish list for yourself, you’ll be fulfilling your kids’ wish list. Instead of material things, you may wish for immaterial things, such as an hour of naptime.

Christmas with kids is livelier and happier. Make sure to show your kids just how special this season is.