Because they are so energetic and have an active metabolism (burning lots of calories most of the time), most toddlers eat a lot. In addition, their tummies have a small capacity that doesn’t stay filled up a long time. Together with active metabolism, you have a kid that wants to eat most of the time.

Do we have to worry about your kids eating a lot? Not if they’re active so that they need refueling several times a day. Below is a list of what to do to take advantage of toddlers’ penchant for eating.

Serve Healthy Snacks

Most active kids who love to eat don’t care about meal time, but they’re heavy on snacks. And if you don’t watch it, they may end up eating junk food all the time and affect their health. Fruit salads are good and delicious for kids and milk and fruits are also a good combination. Kids will also love boiled corn glazed with butter, popcorn, or other grain snacks. Gelatin desserts are also recommended as well as healthy sandwiches like egg sandwiches.

Have Healthy Snacks Always Ready

Stock yourwi fridth healthy snacks in case you’re not around. After playing, kids are likely to get hungry and go straight to the fridge to look for snacks. Instead of seeing junk food when they open it, they get only healthy options. And kids often just grab what looks delicious and eat them. It will be helpful to have fruits always displayed in there so that 75 percent of their options are fruits.

If they eat healthy, you won’t have to be concerned about kids eating a lot. What’s bothersome is when they eat nothing but junk and fatty food and drink nothing but soda or soft drinks. Hence, it will also help to display lots of healthy drinks in your fridge—fresh milk, natural juice from fresh fruits, or plain water.

Keep Them Active

Kids who love to eat should be active. In a sense, kids are naturally active, but kids who eat a lot should also be active enough. Some kids may look like they’re active because they join really active kids in games. But if you watch them closely, they do nothing but merely stand or shout in the middle of it all.

To make sure kids who love to eat are really active, create a playful atmosphere at home when it’s time for your kids to play home alone. Aside from playing with other kids, it’s better if you schedule playtime at home for your food-loving kid.

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