As we turn into a new leaf with the arrival of 2016, it is important for parents to reflect on what they’ve done in the past year as they keep the best interests of their children at heart. This is also the perfect time to not be overly critical of yourself, with the thought that you are doing your best to nurture your children as best as you could. As with every changing of the year, making New Year’s resolutions are inevitable.

For the parents out there, you might want to think about these positive changes to make your family happier this 2016:

Use “yes” more.

Arrange for more family time this year. Say “yes” more to family commitments.

Know when to say “no.”

If someone in the family is prioritizing what he or she wants while compromising the family, learn how to say “no.” That way, it’d be less of a headache for you.

Reduce negotiations; go for more explanations.

Kids seem to be born with negotiation skills, but if you say no to their requests, make sure to do it with a careful rationalization of your decision. As much as you’d wish to act as a friend to your kids, there are certain situations when you have to be steadfast in acting as parents.

Worry less.

Yes, every parent is a worrywart, but you shouldn’t let your worries get the best of you. Instead, focus on the things that you can control to make the world a safer place for your kids and let them explore it afterwards. As what some parenting experts have thought, 2016 is going to be less about helicopter parenting.

Read more.

Reading is a great family bonding activity. Read about parenting. Read bedtime stories to and with your child. Nurture your little readers by giving them full access to books and magazines.

Write more.

It would be sweet if you leave your kids little notes of love, encouragement, appreciation, and recognition. Make this a habit and another way of communicating with your child.

Listen more.

As hard as it might be to overcome the tendency to nag, try to listen more and talk less. Learn how to use questions, like “What are you feeling? What would you do? Tell me more about it.”

Raise your expectations.

Keep hoping to lead your kids to start the new year in their young lives with good manners, good behavior, kindness, and all the positive values that you wish they’d have.

Be more realistic with your expectations.

As much as you’d like to prepare your kids for life with lots of lessons, camps, and other activities, learn to slow down this year. When you make schedules for your kids and for yourself, be more realistic.

Build better and stronger connections.

Strengthen your family ties, connect with your community, and develop a strong bond with Mother Nature.

Remember that as parents, you are hugely responsible for molding your little ones into kind and responsible adults. Just take these New Year’s resolutions one change at a time.

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