Are you a super busy mom or dad who needs to get things done before the day ends but who also needs to look after the baby closely? And does your baby cry whenever you leave them in the crib alone so much so that you need to always carry them in your arms? Then it’s high time for you to use a babywear carrier.

What’s a Babywear Carrier?

Somebody smart thought of a way for moms and dads to look closely after their babies while attending to other things. They can even go somewhere and take their babies along, keeping them close to their bodies without actually holding the baby in their arms. The bright idea is to place babies in a safe, soft and comfortable backpack-looking baby carriers/slings/wraps that moms or dads wear like shoulder bags and keep the babies close to them all the time. This way, they can accomplish other things while at the same time watch over their babies.

What type of babywear carrier is ideal for you and your baby? Is there also something for dad? Well, there are three types of babywear carriers to choose from:

  1. Babywear slings. It’s a long piece of sturdy cloth you wear over your shoulder and around your torso. There are no seams or connected parts because it comes in one whole piece, so it’s safe. This type is the best for newborn babies because their small bodies can easily and comfortably be laid “nestled” into the sling. But bigger babies and small toddlers can also be nicely and comfortably carried around in it. Slings come in padded or unpadded varieties, or those with rings or without rings used for adjusting slings. babywear slings
  2. Babywear wraps. These are the kind you wear on both shoulders and then around your torso. This is also the more affordable carrier that is still versatile and can be very fashionable. babywear wraps
  3. Soft structured baby carriers. While slings and wraps are designed more for moms, soft structured or backpack carriers can also be worn by dads. You can easily switch them around your body to make your baby sit facing you or placed on your back. These carriers have a structure or skeleton onto which soft pads are firmly attached and covered with soft fabric, making them look like backpacks. They come with shoulder straps and belts often with buckles. These carriers are ideal when carrying your baby for the long haul, especially when you’re outdoors. baby carriers

Enjoy babywearing as much as your baby enjoys it. It all starts with choosing the right carrier among the types of babywear carriers available for you and your baby.