Breastfeeding is the most natural way of feeding your child and keeping him healthy. However, it does have its challenges, especially when you’re still starting. It’s a good thing there are breastfeeding accessories that you can use to make this task easier for mommies like you.

Nipple Shield


Breastfeeding can be painful at first, when you’re still learning. Make sure to let your baby latch on properly by sucking the areola, not just your nipple, with the baby’s upper and bottom lips turned out. You can also relieve the pain with a nipple shield, although you should only use it temporarily and under the guidance of your lactation consultant. There are various sizes and brands of nipple shields, but you can try Medela’s as it allows your baby to still come in contact with your breast.

Breast Shells


These are perfect for drawing out inverted nipples. You can wear them when you’re not nursing, although they might be too cold for your skin, hence the advice to minimize their usage.

Nipple Cream


To help relieve your discomfort during the first few days of breastfeeding, you can use nipple cream with lanolin. It can help with the pain caused by cracked or dry nipples.

Electric Pump


The best thing about breastfeeding is having skin-to-skin contact with your baby. However, you can give yourself a break every now and then, during which you’ll need a breast pump to continue giving breast milk to your baby. This will also give the other family members a chance to feed your baby if you’re not around. For your convenience, you may want to try electric pumps.

Nursing Pads


Your milk may leak, wetting your clothes in the process, but you can prevent that from happening by wearing nursing pads. You can choose between disposable pads and reusable nursing pads, although it’s greener to use the latter.

Nursing Cover


When your baby is hungry, you need to breastfeed them, regardless of where you are. So when you happen to be in public or in front of other people, you can have a little privacy with the little one by using a nursing cover. It can cover your breasts, while giving your baby enough breathing room.

Nursing Pillow


Breastfeeding can be a straining activity, especially for your arms and back. However, you can provide the support your baby needs without stressing yourself too much if you use a nursing pillow. There are even double versions for breastfeeding twins.

Sleep Nursing Bra


This is different from a regular nursing bra since it provides more support for when your breasts get too heavy at night. It is also designed with an easy wrap for easy breastfeeding at night.



You can continue breastfeeding your baby hands free by wearing a carrier. It will help you attend to the needs of other children or complete household chores while nursing, making this one of the best breastfeeding accessories for busy moms.

Teething Necklaces


Yes, your baby may not be teething just yet, but you can wear 100% silicone beads in bright colors to keep them occupied while nursing. They can even double as accessories for you!

Make breastfeeding a fun activity for you and your child with these breastfeeding accessories. Remember that your milk is liquid gold, and there’s no way you’ll let your baby miss out on all of its nutrients, so if you have to use accessories while nursing, use them!

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