Halloweens are never complete without a scary movie marathon. But if you have kids watching with them with you, you have to be extra careful about your movie choices.  Here is a list of some Halloween movies for kids that can still give them a few scares without traumatizing them.

#1 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

When ET was stranded on Earth, he wandered around and developed a friendship with Elliot and his siblings. This heartwarming movie is perfect for the entire family.

While it is mainly considered as a movie belonging to the supernatural/alien category, it still qualifies as a great Halloween movie. Moreover, the iconic escape with E.T. takes place on Halloween. However, you’ve got to watch over your kids during the scenes depicting E.T. dying because it can be pretty intense for them. This is a great movie for kids aged 7 and up.