Babies and toddlers who wear disposable diapers are likely to be bothered by diaper rash. It’s simply an over exposure of the skin to urine trapped in a disposable diaper for an extended period of time.

Some quality disposable diapers have strong absorbent features that are highly recommended for babies and tots, especially if they have to wear them for long periods. A good example here is when traveling long distance. Sometimes, there are no places along the road ideal for making stopovers for diaper changing. In cases like this, an absorbent disposable diaper is ideal.

However, even quality absorbent diapers cannot guarantee that your kid won’t be bothered by diaper rash anymore. Prolonging their use longer than tolerable may result to the same problem. In case the problem arises, what should you do?

  1. Change diapers at once: To avoid a second diaper rash occurrence, change the soiled diaper at once. It will help to dry up the affected skin part by exposing it to air and natural warmth. When dried, put the diaper on. Don’t let your toddler’s skin get too exposed to urine.
  2. Let the baby stay diaper-less for a while: If the baby or toddler has just urinated, don’t let them wear a diaper for a while. This is one of the simplest diaper rash remedies that you can do. It would greatly relieve the baby of skin irritations caused by urine. Remember, urine is acidic and if your baby’s sensitive skin gets soaked in it for too long, extremely painful skin irritations are apt to happen. It’s better to leave the baby diaper-less for a while. Anyway, unless a baby gets a drink, they are not likely to urinate again.
  3. Use cloth diaper: While figuring out what disposable diaper is less irritating for your kid, use cloth diapers. They are less irritating and the cloth doesn’t undergo chemical processes. Majority of disposable diapers undergoes a chemical treatment to make them whiter and look cleaner. When mixed with urine, which is acidic, a chemical reaction happens, hurting your kid’s skin.
  4. Never use baby powder: Some moms think applying baby powder would minimize diaper rash and other skin irritations. On the contrary, their chemical and scent formulation can negatively react with urine and damage your kid’s skin. Moreover, some scented baby powders are found to be allergens that may cause asthma in kids.
  5. Consult your pediatrician: Always, when diaper rash strikes, have kids checked by pediatricians. They will recommend the right lotion or cream to apply to treat and alleviate diaper rash.

Use these simple diaper rash remedies to save your baby from the painful and irritating rashes. You’d also benefit greatly from having a rash-free baby who sleeps peacefully.