Breastfeeding can be exhausting, more so when one considers the demands of caring for the baby and the nights when moms lose sleep over it. Nonetheless, the standard cannot be compromised–moms should maintain being in optimum health condition for breastfeeding.

And here are some important tips and reminders:

Just eat.

This isn’t the time for slimming diets and being conscious of your calorie intake. In fact, nursing moms burn an added 500 calories a day on top of the usual calories they burn when doing their usual activities. Moreover, they need to get more nutrition to stay healthy and also keep their babies likewise. Authors of the book, Understanding Pregnancy and Childbirth, Sheldon H. Cherry and Douglas G. Moss, both medical doctors, stressed that nursing moms should drink a quart of milk at least each day, an extra 40 grams of protein, more eggs, cheese, liver, butter and veggies. In other words, eat more nutritious foods daily to stay in optimum health condition for breastfeeding.

Never skip any meal.

As stated above, this is not the time for strict diets, especially those that skip meals or substitute solid foods with fluids. Complete all meals in the day plus snacks–and make it a full, healthy breakfast each morning. A full breakfast on time can boost your energy for the day. Anyway, most nursing moms naturally lose weight, about 2 pounds per month in the first few months of breastfeeding. Having enough energy for breastfeeding the whole day is vital, and the best way to support this is through a healthy well-balanced diet.

Drink all you can.

Nursing moms should produce at least a quart of breast milk daily for their babies. To make this happen, they should ingest 2 quarts of healthy fluids daily. Aside from milk, fresh fruit juices are recommended, and of course, pure water. Alcoholic beverages, sodas, or soft drinks are, of course, a definite no-no.

Take snacks.

Moms should keep snacks within their reach. While nursing, they may take a few bites to stay energized.

Take postnatal vitamins.

Ask your OB-gynecologist for post-natal vitamin supplements to help keep yourself healthy and strong. These vitamins are usually rich in iron, amino acids, and minerals. It would also help if prior to childbirth, moms had prepared their bodies by taking prenatal vitamins.

Bask in the sunshine.

Take the baby out early morning for a healthy dose of sunlight for his or her natural Vitamin D. In the process, you yourself get a healthy dose of it. Sunlight is energy and getting natural boosts of energy from it is a good idea.

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