Most parents are excited to see their babies walk and run. So, at the age of almost one year old, they buy babies the best baby walker they can find. Walkers are not a bad idea. They help strengthen babies’ leg muscles and develop balance, preparing them for a real walk all by themselves. However, baby experts have some word of caution and pointers on the use of walkers.

Buy Quality Baby Walkers

Make sure to buy only quality walkers for your baby. And “quality” does not mean more exciting features, but sturdiness and safety. Some walkers have wheels that easily come off with time, for instance. Others are strongly built, but the wheels are not spread apart enough so they easily lose balance and topple and tumble when the baby runs at full speed or if the wheels are suddenly obstructed.

Close Monitoring

Have the baby watched closely when using the walker. Remember, with walkers, babies get extra capabilities. They can go to places, reach more objects, and travel fast. People who watch over the baby should make sure they are always close by. In case an accident is about to happen, they will be able to catch the baby fast. Babies in walkers can be prone to accidents. Remember, walkers are not there so you can leave your baby busy walking around unattended.


Watch Out for the Stairs

To be safe, never let babies use walkers when they are on higher floors than the ground floor. Some people put blocking doors to the stairs to keep babies from falling off there. But that still is risky; someone might leave the door open and the baby might be able to sneak out of notice and head straight for the stairs. Remember, most babies are fascinated with stairs.

Don’t Be Over Dependent on Walkers

Walkers may be fun and amusing, but don’t be too dependent on them for entertaining your baby or helping them walk. Walkers can help some, but they seldom really help babies walk. Some people put their babies in walkers almost the whole day. This hinders, instead of helps, the babies’ development to walk on their own. Babies need to discover standing up, balancing their bodies, and walking properly on their own. This develops their skills better.

So, should you buy a baby walker? Absolutely, especially if you have the money to pay for one. It will be fun for both you and the baby. If you find them too expensive, never settle for low quality walkers, or second-hand units. It’s better to just watch over your baby as they discover how to walk on their own.