Infants get all the nutrition they need from breast milk. But obviously, they cannot be breast fed all their childhood life. Sometimes, they need to be introduced to other forms of natural and nutritious foods like fresh fruits and a good way to introduce them to this natural goodness is through fresh fruit juice.

Commercialized and Natural Baby Fruit Food

Toddlers approaching the age of one year or more should have a gradual introduction to fresh fruits and vegetables. There are manufactured and commercialized baby food products in the market that aid in introducing various fruits and vegetables, but nothing beats fresh and natural fruits and vegetables, especially to kids’ nutrition. So we start with juicing first.

Juicing helps simplify food into easily digested and absorbed liquids. Some baby experts say fruit and vegetable juices can be given to kids as early as 6 months old. But the more accepted age is at least a year old, when the kids’ digestive system starts to adapt to other foods aside from breast or formula milk.


It’s important to note that fruit or vegetable juices for kids should always be diluted with water. Purees are still not recommended at this time. The proper dilution proportion is at least one part of fruit or vegetable juice to 10 parts of water. For instance, with 1ml of fresh orange juice, there should be a 10 ml water counterpart. And make sure the water is safe and clean, purified if possible, or one that your pediatrician recommends.

How much fresh fruit juice or vegetable juice is good for toddlers per day? According to some experts, 120ml per 4 ounces is the maximum.

Also, it is preferable that organic fruits and vegetables are used to make sure that they are free from chemical pesticides or fertilizers. [INPOSTLB]

Juices to Stay Away From

Highly sweetened juices are not recommended for toddlers, especially those sweetened with white sugar. Start training your kids to be content with zero sugar juices. Anyway, natural fruits give off delightful flavors and sweetness. If you need to make them a bit sweeter, ask your pediatrician about safe sweeteners. Remember, highly sweetened fruit and vegetable juices have little nutritional value. Sugar can easily negate or neutralize it and it decreases the immune health.

Definitely, do not give your toddler anything canned or put in powder form. They contain preservatives and artificial flavors and sweeteners that can be harmful to your toddler in the long run. Fruits have acid content and may have an unhealthy reaction with the tin can they are contained in.

Prepare your tot’s digestive system for fresh fruits and vegetables with juices. Do this right and you might reduce the number of problems associated with feeding your baby the right food.