As the Instragram filters seemed to dominate the baby name trends in 2015, there are bound to be new trends surfacing in 2016. Experts come up with predictions on how parents might name their children this year.

According to Nameberry, a website for baby name experts Linda Rosenkrang and Pamela Redmond, parents might name their children following these trends:

Star Wars characters

With the release of the latest “Star Wars” movie at the latter part of 2015 and its popularity, as expected of the franchise, Nameberry predicted that it’s big enough to influence the baby name culture this 2016. Luke and Leia have always been pretty famous names, but Anakin is climbing up in the list of popular names, too. Nameberry has also predicted the rise of names like Finn, Poe, Ren, Damero, Hux, and Rey.

Nouns used as middle names

We owe this trend to many celebrities who opt to use nouns for their kids’ middle names. Some of these popular names include Love, Blue, Snow, Sky, Day, Rein, Red, Ocean, and Rainbow.

Vintage flower names

This trend is part of the American’s acceptance of cultural migration when it comes to baby names.

‘Th’ names

Many of the leading baby names in the top 1000 include a ‘th’ sound. These include Thea, Theo, Theodore, Dorothy, Thayer, Thiago, Meredith, Thatcher, Thaddeus, Thalia, Matthias, Ruth, Edith, Seth, and Judith.

French names

One of the newest baby name trends this 2016 is the use of French-sounding names. Some baby girls are named Leonie, Manon, Lilou, Ines, and Maelys, while baby boys are named Jules, Timeo, and Mathis. Popular French names are expected to gain more traction this year, including Louise, Louis, Leo, Lea, and Charlie.

No gender-specific names

2016 will be more about baby names that are not specifically assigned to a gender. One great example would be Max, the name chosen by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan for their daughter. Some baby girls were also named Ryan, Wilder, Andy, Jayde, and Jagger, while baby boys were named Blues, Indigo, and Rhodes. Celebrities also used Charlie, James, Dashiell, Arlo, Sailor, Sparrow, and Bodhi for both sexes.

Short names

Short baby names are on the rise this 2016, including Bo, Dax, Eve, Dean, Ace, Elle, and Noe.

Skies and heavens influence

Nameberry has also foreseen the rise of names depicting the skies and the heavens above. Babies in 2016 could be named Nova, Celeste, Luna, Skye, Orion, Mercury, Jupiter, Cassiopeia, Io, Cloud, Mars, and Andromeda.

Vintage baby boy names

These vintage names have dusted themselves off to rise this 2016. They include Alfred, Otto, Leonard, Clyde, Harvey, Howard, Warren, Clark, Ernest, and Ellis. Names such as Seymour, Ralph, Montgomery, Morris, Floyd, and others are expected to surface, too.

How would you name your newborn this 2016?

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