Most toddlers have this problem and it’s a serious one. They find it hard to sleep when they’re in a different place. And if this happens, parents’ sleeping time is likewise affected. New parents often wonder why their kids can’t sleep even when all the signs of sleepiness are evident—tired eyes, yawning, and inactivity.

This sometimes happens, especially when the kids find themselves in a strange place. Kids can get so used to their rooms and beds that taking them out of that environment can sometimes create serious sleeping problems. It can even lead to the worst tantrums. It would be of no use to scold or force them to sleep. However, there are certain techniques in getting a toddler to sleep.

Play More with Them

When sleeping time approaches, let the kid play all they want. Better yet, help them play to exhaustion. When they are too tired, there is a better chance they will simply fall asleep and not mind their surroundings anymore. When the kid does, make sure to sleep too, so you’d have enough energy when the kid suddenly wakes up at an untimely hour.

Keep Them Company

Instead of making kids sleep with siblings or the babysitter, parents should keep them company. Among reasons why certain kids sometimes feel uncomfortable sleeping in a different place is insecurity. Kids don’t know the surroundings and feel somewhat insecure closing their eyes. But if dad and mom sleep with them, they’d feel more secure and safe. In fact, some kids would feel much better and get to sleep faster if their moms hug them. [INPOSTLB]

Take Something Associated with Sleep

Kids have favorite stuff they like or need to cling on when sleeping. They associate these things with sleep—a favorite pillow, toy, stuffed toy, teddy bear, a picture of their mom and dad, or a particular lullaby music. Take one or two of these along when sleeping in a different place. It will help your kid feel more comfortable, secure, and at peace when sleeping because they will feel like sleeping at home.

Read a Book

With mom reading a story to her kid, immediate sleep is apt to come early. Kids often associate their mom’s voice, and the tone and rhythm when reading a bedtime story, to sleep. When they hear this, it often takes only a few minutes for them to fall asleep. It will greatly help if you read them a familiar story that is proven to often easily put them to sleep.

Enjoy taking your kids to places outside of your home without having trouble during bedtime. Just use these tricks in getting a toddler to sleep and you’ll be fine.