We don’t have to discuss much about how important breast milk is to your baby, but you probably want to know how to have an oversupply. Imagine your dear baby living in a land with flowing breast milk!

But what if you don’t produce enough breast milk? Worse, what if you have zero production? You’d probably panic–and that’s the last thing you want to do. Panic will stress you out and negative stress is among the top causes why some moms produce less breast milk than others.

So, the number one tip here is to be happy. Don’t give any room for stress. If at first you produce little to zero milk, relax. It’s sometimes normal, and there are ways to boost breast milk supply.

1. Just Keep Breastfeeding

A baby sucking on the breast will stimulate milk production and will produce an abundance of milk in the long run. Just keep breastfeeding your baby even if it seems like not enough milk is being sucked out of your breasts or if the baby seems to be having a hard time and refuses to continue sucking.