Halloween is one of the busiest times of the years for moms who have to find the best costume for their kids and worry about keeping their kids safe during the well-celebrated occasion.

Parents do have something to worry about Halloween for kids. In the US alone, there have been at least 16 reported cases of kids under 15 years of age suffering from burns due to their costumes catching fire since 1980. One of the cases was even a fatal one, as a 12-year old girl from Texas died in 1997 when her homemade costume caught fire from coming into contact with a jack-o-lantern.

Most of the burn incidents were caused by the flame in the jack-o-lantern or a candle. This might add to your concern as parents about the safety of your children, who would love to experience what it’s like to go trick-or-treating.  But you can have peace of mind if you know you are doing everything possible to make Halloween a safe and fun celebration for your kids.

Choosing the Right Halloween Costume and Accessories

When you buy costumes for your kids, as well as masks, wigs, bears or other accessories, make sure to choose those with flame-resistant materials, such as polyester or nylon. These materials are often labeled “Flame Resistant.” They will not burn that easily and extinguish fire quickly. But to prevent your kids’ costumes from catching fire in the first place, don’t let them wear costumes that are too big for them or those with billowing skirts or baggy sleeves.

Another precaution is to choose costumes that are bright and easily seen by motorists. For additional precaution, wrap a reflective tape around the costume so your kids will be easily spotted on the road.

Even if you accompany your child during their trick-or-treat adventure, you should still let them carry their own flashlight for emergency purposes.

As much as your little girl would like to wear heels, make sure that they are of the right fit. This should help minimize the risk of them tripping and falling.

If they have to wear scarves or hats with their costume, fit them securely to your kid so they won’t obstruct their sight.

If they need to put on a mask, choose one with proper ventilation, a good fit, and eye holes that still give your kids full vision.

Dealing with Treats

Kids are often excited about all the treats that they are going to get during Halloween. However, you have to remind them about not accepting treats from anyone before you, or any other adult supervising them, have examined them.

If you have kids under three years of age who have received novelty items or toys, get rid of those small items that they might swallow and choke on.

Arranging the Halloween Decorations Properly

While trick-or-treating makes kids happy, decorating the lawn might be the treat for adults who especially love the challenge of coming up with the spookiest theme in the block. However, you have to consider the safety of your kids during the decoration process.

Don’t put jack-o-lanterns and candles in doorsteps or landings, where kids with their costumes may pass by. Don’t put them close to other decorations, curtains or combustibles inside your home as well.

Clean up the lawns, porches and steps to make them kid-friendly during trick-or-treating.

Buy only decorative lights that have been tested and proven safe to use by credible laboratories. Don’t use damaged sets, even if you just bought them for this Halloween.

Be careful about loading your extension cords. Overloading them may cause a fire.

Follow these tips and you will likely be able to create good memories about Halloween for kids.