Tips for new moms’ because giving birth to a baby can be very exhausting. But it doesn’t end there. Often, the really exhausting experience is post-childbirth; and it usually takes several months before everything can go back to normal–normal sleep, rest, and relaxation.

In the meantime, mom’s energy should be recharged daily. Caring for that tiny new member of the family is a full-time job, and by “full-time” we don’t just mean 8 hours a day. It means the whole day every day.

To boost mom’s energy, here are some eating strategy tips:

Balanced Diet

Nothing can boost a mom’s energy better in a natural, safe way than by eating a balanced diet. When exhausted, we tend to eat more carbs and forfeit ourselves of nutritious foods with micro-nutrients. Carbohydrates give so much relief to exhaustion, say experts. But don’t be carried away. Eat a balanced proportion of everything, with fresh fruits and vegetables dominating your diet.

More Water

Dehydration can incredibly decrease energy levels and even make you feel so sick. Most of the time, good health and physical strength recovery is just a matter of drinking enough water. A lot of headaches, dizziness, and bad moods can be quickly remedied with rehydration. For stressed-out moms, 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily is recommended.

Quick Snacks

Always have delicious and healthy quick snacks handy around you. Anytime you feel like your energy is waning, just grab a bite of fruit or oatmeal crackers, for instance. Sweet fruits like bananas and melons have enough carbs to quicken your energy and help you going again.

Full Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it helps you last energetically through the day. More so for new moms meticulously caring for their babies. Eggs and yogurt with fruit are good for breakfast, so are whole grains, oatmeals, and cereals. Better if breakfast would consist of a small cup of rice, fish, egg, a veggie dish, and fruit. And wash all that down with fresh milk, soya milk, or a yogurt beverage.

Avoid simple carbs, though–white bread, white sugar, and anything heavy in sugar and white flour. They’d easily make you sleepy.  Opt for complex carbs instead–yogurt, skim milk, soy milk, beans and lentils, barley, brown rice, sweet potatoes, strawberries, carrots, and broccoli to name a few. Pair them with protein-rich food.

Eat Small Meals

Eating small meals five times a day is better than three big meals. This keeps the energy up, says pediatrician James Sears who also co-authored “The Baby Book.” Eating five small meals a day keeps your energy level constant without the sleepiness brought about after eating big meals. If you’re not used to this, start by keeping your fridge stocked with delicious and appetizing small snacks. Each time you open it, you get lured to grab a bite.

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