Watch a Holiday Movie

Nothing beats being huddled in the warm living room while watching a holiday movie after opening your gifts. Let the kids choose the perfect movie, while you prepare some popcorn. The best part – you can wear your jammies all day long.

Take a Family Picture

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dressed in your holiday finest or in your pajamas when you strike a pose as a holiday souvenir. To make this a holiday tradition with your kids, pose at the same location and position the camera at the same height each year. Print out the pictures and label them with the details of the holiday.

Read Holiday Stories on Christmas Eve

Let your kids listen to your favorite Christmas stories. Better yet, let them take turns reading those stories. Share your views and opinions of the stories afterwards to make the season more heartwarming and memorable.


Give Your Kids Ornaments

Make it a tradition to give each of your kids an ornament every holiday. When they leave the house once they’re old enough, they’d have ornaments to use on their own Christmas tree.

Introduce Some Cultural Aspects of Christmas

Open your kids’ eyes to the different traditions around the world. You can teach them to sing Christmas carols in different languages, invite friends with other cultures over or visit them, or serve new foods on the dinner table.

Keeping holiday traditions with your kids will make the season all the more special. Try to come up with your own traditions, too!