Having kids brings a new meaning to the holiday season. It is still a season filled with love, gifts, and requests for this and that, while trying to keep them in line by reminding them that Santa only rewards those in their best behavior. But when the magic of Christmas starts fading, you might want to change some of the holiday traditions with your kids.

Start a Christmas Countdown

Instead of an ordinary calendar countdown, make a Christmas calendar with pretty ribbons and other holiday-themed decorations until the 25th. Mark each date with fun shapes, such as little gingerbread men, mittens, candy canes, reindeers, and more to make it more fun.

Make Christmas Cards

Involve everyone in the family, even the toddlers. Give them something to do to make them feel like an important part of the busy family, forming a little production line while making the cards.

Pick Out a Christmas Tree

Take your kids to the tree farm, choose a tree, and ask them to help you trim it. Next up, decorate the tree with Christmas songs blaring from the stereo. Make your kids focus on the tree instead of their gadgets and other toys for an effective family bonding time.


Bake Cookies and Leave Some for Santa

Bring life to your kitchen by assigning tasks to all your kids. You can ask the young ones to do the simple tasks, such as stirring, pouring the ingredients, or making shapes using cookie cutters. The older ones can crack eggs, measure the ingredients, or roll out the dough. Everyone should do some decorating. You can share your cookies with your family, friends, neighbors, and even Santa.