First time parents have to overcome so many struggles to take care of their baby. They have to spend sleepless nights and adjust to their baby’s erratic sleeping schedule, try to understand what their baby’s cries and other cues, and learn so many firsts.

Thankfully, these parenting hacks are here to help you navigate the new world of parenting.


1. Wrap your baby with a hot towel after a bath.

Once you’re done bathing the baby, it helps to wrap them up in a bath towel warmed by a heating pad. It helps them settle down after screaming their lungs out during the bath.


2. Buy diapers one size bigger for nighttime use.

You don’t have to buy nighttime diapers, when you can just let your baby wear something one size up. A bigger diaper will catch all the pee and is cheaper than a nighttime diaper.


3. Give your baby a bedtime bottle.

Even if you breastfeed, you might want to give your baby a bottle of formula milk before going to sleep. It helps the babies sleep longer and stay relaxed even if the mother is away.


4. Wash baby socks in a lingerie bag.

This keeps those tricky socks from getting lost in the mountain of laundry to do.



5. Cover the door latch in the nursery room door.

This helps minimize the noise of the latch clicking when you close the door of the nursery room, reducing the risk of waking the baby up.

cover door latch

6. Use vapor rub to soothe a coughing baby.

 Apply vapor rub on your baby’s feet and cover them with socks. This might help stop the cough and let your baby sleep.