Raising a Girl

  1. Girls are better listeners.

According to research, girls prefer listening to human sounds over other sounds. You can experiment with a rattle and shake it, probably getting the same reaction between baby boys and girls. But try talking and baby girls will likely be more responsive.

This is also the reason why it’s harder for parents to discipline boys. Girls’ hearing is more sensitive than boys and their verbal skills develop faster than boys, helping them respond better to being disciplined.

  1. Girls love using their hands.

Baby girls are better when it comes to performing fine motor tasks, putting them ahead of boys in this aspect until preschool. They know how to use eating utensils and learn to write sooner.

  1. Girls love to mimic.girl-caring-for-doll

One study showed that as young as three hours of age, baby girls imitate better than boys. Newborn girls won over boys when it comes to imitating finger movements during the study. While baby girls are quicker in imitating behaviors, such as taking care of a baby, boys are much quicker when it comes to imitating behaviors that don’t require human interaction, such as watering plants or driving a car.

  1. Girls like to look at individual faces.

Baby girls love establishing eye contact as they look at individual faces, especially those of women’s. This makes them better at understanding emotional expressions, so they feel happy when Mom’s happy or distressed when Mom shows the same emotion.

  1. Girls are ahead of boys when it comes to talking.baby-girl-talking

Being better listeners and observers, girls often talk sooner. They usually start waving, pointing, or using gestures to get their message across more than boys, according to a study of kids ages 8 to 30 months old. Baby girls understand what adults are saying faster than boys and often start talking at 12 months old, while boys attempt to speak at around 13 to 14 months old.  When they reach 16 months, they can say about 100 words, compared to the 30 words boys their age can utter. However, the gap starts to narrow down when they reach toddlerhood, since both boys and girls can utter around 500 words at 2 ½ years.

While talking sooner may be better for parents of baby girls, their good communication skills also make it harder for parents once girls get older. At around 8 years or so, girls use a lot of energy into communicating, leading to a lot of drama when it comes to arguing who said what, who’s angry at whom, and why.

  1. Girls tend to become people pleasers, leading to self-esteem issues.

Girls tend to be more insecure as they mature, according to a study. A California family therapist and author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids, Jenn Berman, said that the culture of considering someone else’s needs, getting one wants, and ignoring one’s instinct has placed girls at a disadvantage. As the gender who tends to be people-oriented, girls often try to please others, while compromising their own needs and bringing their self-esteem down.

Parents can help their little girls battle self-esteem issues by helping them develop their inner nature and letting them try new things. You should also be more careful about your attitude towards body-image, especially the moms who serve as their daughter’s models. Teach them to listen to their body and their gut feeling for them to learn to their instincts in all other areas in life. It might help to encourage your girls to get into sports to help them develop a healthy attitude towards their bodies and life in general.

There are many other gender differences that you might have observed first hand. However, many parents who have raised boys would claim their job is harder, while those who have raised girls would claim the same thing with theirs.

The bottom line is that raising kids is hard work, regardless of whether they’re boys or girls. sWhat you can do is rise to the challenge and adjust your style depending on your kids’ personality. Good luck!

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