It is a privilege to be able to carry a baby in your womb for about nine months or so. It is also one of the most fulfilling achievements in a woman’s life, if you consider all the things that you have to go through to bring your baby full term and bring him or her into this world. You have to endure so many physical changes and pregnancy symptoms, some of which can be downright embarrassing.


Blame it on all the hormonal changes of pregnancy that disrupts the normal function of your gastrointestinal tract. Prepare yourself for seemingly uncontrollable belches, release of foul gas that can clear out the room, or farting in front of other people. It’s because your body has gone haywire due to the pregnancy.

Solution: Be careful what you eat and how many times you eat during the day. More frequent but small meals are recommended. Don’t indulge in beans, dairy products, carbonated drinks, broccoli, or cabbage if you don’t want to make excess gas even harder to control. Chew your food thoroughly and don’t lie down right after eating. Exercise also helps, as recommended by Michele Hakakha, M.D., Ob-gyn, and author of Expecting 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Pregnancy in a WebMD article. According to her, working out improves gastrointestinal tract motility, adding that the lesser time the food has to ferment in the GI tract, the less gas the body produces.


These pregnancy symptoms would remind you of those awkward adolescent years once more once you’re pregnant. The worst part comes during the first trimester, when you have to battle with acne outbreaks as your body welcomes the surge of hormones.

Solution: Wash your face with gentle soap two times a day. Make sure to remove the makeup before going to bed. Be careful of acne medications that might be harmful to the baby, such as Retin-A, according to WebMD. However, you can look for safer topical acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid.

Frequent Leaking

Incontinence is a hassle as it is to those who are not pregnant, and much more so when you have to consider your growing bump every time you take a trip to the little girl’s room. It is quite a common occurrence to leak when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or even when you’re not doing anything.

Solution: Wear panty liners to prevent discomfort from the leaks, especially when you are diagnosed with stress incontinence. A permanent appointment with the bathroom is also recommended. It might also help to practice Kegels, a pelvic-muscle toning exercise that will improve your bladder’s function.


These are almost guaranteed during preganancy, according to Hakakha, along with straining from bowel movement and constipation.

Solution: Do your best to prevent constipation by adding more fibrous foods to your diet, drinking lots of water, and if necessary, taking over-the-counter stool softeners. In the case of hemorrhoids, make sure you don’t run out of anti-inflammatory creams and witch hazel pads, Hakakha added.


Don’t be shocked if you can no longer wear some of your rings, bracelets or shoes. Just be patient and wait for your body to go back to normal after the delivery.

Solution: Control your sodium intake. Consult your doctor in the case of extreme bloating as it may have a more serious underlying condition, such as toxemia or pre-eclampsia.

Excessive Hair

Prepare for lots of hair removal appointments while pregnant. Your hormones will not only give you a thicker crowning glory, it will also stress you out with your growing hair in the face, abdomen, and breasts, making this one of the most embarrassing pregnancy symptoms.

Solution: The safer options would be tweezing or waxing since doctors discourage cosmetic outpatient procedures to be taken during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

Most pregnant women suffer from queasiness and nausea during the first trimester due to the surge of hormones in their body. It can even be triggered by certain smells.

Solution: Avoid the triggers to reduce the incidents of vomiting. Eat hard candy, lemon or ice chips to relieve some of the discomfort.

Crazy Cravings and Appetite

Pregnancy might make you more open-minded when it comes to combining different kinds of food, thanks to crazy cravings. Your appetite will likely shoot up like crazy as well in the middle of the pregnancy.

Solution: While you can indulge in your cravings, don’t overdo it. Make sure to still watch what you eat since giving in to the temptation of overeating would be so easy for a hormonal woman. Just make sure to control the weight gain; otherwise, a rapid weight gain will increase your risk of suffering from gestational diabetes.

What embarrassing pregnancy symptoms do you wish you can avoid? Even if you can’t manage to dodge that one, feel free to take up any of the solutions offered above.

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