Finding out that you’re pregnant is one of the most precious moments in your life as parents. To make it even more memorable than it already is, you can put your creative mind to work to announce your pregnancy.

Other moms and/or dads have done it to their partners, the future grandparents, and friends. You can do it, too.

If you need inspiration in revealing your big news, you might want to know about what other people have done to say that they’re pregnant.

Bun in the ovenbun-in-the-oven

You can take this line literally and put a bun in the oven, meant to be opened by the person whom you’d like to surprise the news with. It’d be fun to watch the confusion on their face, especially if you have a video camera trained on them as they digest the news.

“I love grandma” bib

If you want to surprise the grandparents, just give them a bib saying “I Love Grandma” or “I Love Grandpa.” It may take them a few seconds to process what the bib meant, but their reactions of complete happiness will be worth the effort.

Say “we’re pregnant” to capture the moment

One of the best ways to celebrate the big news is to announce it during a family get-together. When you’re about to take a snap of everyone, you and your partner can say “We’re pregnant!” instead of “Say cheese” to surprise everyone and have their genuine reactions captured on camera.

The best fortune cookie everfortune-cookie-announcement

If your family loves Chinese food, you can order some fortune cookies. Take out the original fortune and replace it with one you’ve typed with the pregnancy announcement. They’d surely treasure that fortune forever.

Facebook it all the way

The easiest way you can announce your pregnancy to family and friends is to take a picture of the pregnancy test, crop it, and make it your profile picture on Facebook. Get ready for friends flooding your wall and inbox with congratulatory messages.

The sweetest music

[INPOSTLB]Letting the grandparents hear their grandchild’s heartbeat in the womb would be the sweetest kind of music they’ll ever get to hear.

Parent couple T-shirts

A mom wrote about how she customized shirts for her and her husband to announce their pregnancy. Her shirt said “I have a pea in the pod,” complete with an arrow pointing down, while her husband’s shirt said “I have a bun in her oven.” What a fun way to reveal to the world that you’re expecting!

Big brother or big sister shirtbig-bro-shirt

If you have older kids, you can make them wear a big-brother-in-training or a big-sister-in-training T-shirt to let everyone know about your pregnancy, as how one mom did it. This will also be a perfect way to tell your husband about the coming baby if he doesn’t know about your positive pregnancy test just yet.

Baby food

Why not prepare all kinds of baby food for your partner when he comes home from work? That’d be a not-so-subtle way of telling him that you’re expecting.

Father’s Day card eligibility

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now, you might want to buy a Father’s Day card in advance. When the test finally turns out positive, give that card to daddy and sign it “Mommy and Baby.”

Baby couponcoupon-announcement

Moms love coupons and you can share this great coupon with your partner. One mom made this announcement with a coupon, saying ‘Redeemable for One (1) Baby – Available (due date).’

Sweet dedication

This is quite simple to execute. Just buy a cake and have a dedication written on it saying “We’re pregnant!” A few months later, you’ll surely get another cake for your baby’s delivery.

How would you like to announce your pregnancy?