Christmas will always be the most joyous occasion for the kids. And you don’t need Santa Claus to give them joy when you can prepare the best gifts for them in the kitchen. Don’t they know that moms are the everyday Santa at home?

Preparing the dinner table with Christmas dishes should be easy. Just make sure to add kid-friendly dishes to the table to encourage the kids to eat good food instead of focusing on their sweets and gifts. If you get the dishes right, you might even allow the adults to indulge in the kid in them.

Reindeer Snack

Reindeer Snack

This is made of a cereal bar, raisins, and apples. Just design them to look like a reindeer when they’re all laid out on the plate.

Snowmen Mashed Potatoes

snowmen mashed potatoe

You can always prepare plain mashed potatoes and save time and effort, but it’s Christmastime! It’s going to be worth it when you see the smile on your kids’ faces upon seeing the mashed potatoes formed into cute snowmen. Aside from the golden potatoes, you can put in some chiles and lime juice.

Cheesy Snowman

cheesy snowman

This is one good way of making cheese more interesting during Christmas. Transform cheese into one cute snowman.

Rudolph Sandwich

rudolph sandwich

Let your creative spirit out by forming the sandwich into the legendary reindeer.

Christmas Pizza

christmas pizza

Let your kids make their very own pizza this Christmas, under your supervision. Allow them to decorate it before putting it in the oven. Guide them to decorate it to make it look like a Christmas tree.

Santa Claus Strawberries

santa claus berries

Kids who love strawberries will surely love this dessert. You just need strawberries and whipped cream.

Santa Bread

santa bread

Your kids love Santa, so you can be certain that they’d love everything Santa as well, including a Santa-looking bread.  It will undoubtedly be a hit during your Christmas dinner.

Seedless Grape Tree

seedless grape tree

This is perfect for dessert and you don’t even have to exert too much of an effort to make this tree. As long as you have a Christmas tree-like container for the seedless grapes and strawberries, this tree is totally making it to the Christmas roll call.

Festive Fruit Cups

festive fruit cup

Make your Christmas table colorful with some baked quiche shells, which holds the berries, yogurt, and other fruits of choice. You can even add a sprig of mint.

Snowman Potatoes

snowman potato

Add a few decorations to your baked potatoes to create your own Rudolph.