It seems pretty obvious that acidic beverages like sodas and soft drinks won’t do toddlers’ health any good. But the fact is many of them start taking these beverages at such an early age. Accordingly, some kids as young as 5 years old are already given sodas and soft drinks as often as they drink water. In some cases, they drink less water.

Released in the Journal of Pediatrics, a report said 43 percent of 5-year-olds included in a study drank at least one serving of these beverages per day, and some 4 percent consumed even more. You just have to go to a popular fast food store nowadays to see how many toddlers are allowed to enjoy these sugar-rich and acidic drinks.

Here are the harmful effects of sodas and soft drinks to kids’ health:

Obesity: Sodas and soft drinks contain lots of sugar. The more they drink these beverages the more they become prone to obesity. Obesity is an ailment that can lead to deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and abnormal inflammation.

Behavioral Problems: In some studies, these drinks have been suspected to cause increased aggression in kids and adolescents (HealthLand.Time.Com in an article by Alexandra Sifferlin). Increased sugar intake causes serious problems in the kidneys, liver, and spleen. This probably explains the behavioral side effect.

Caffeine: Most delicious and popular sodas and soft drinks are heavy in caffeine, which can seriously upset adrenaline health and lead to heart problems and hypertension later in life. Moreover, caffeine and sugar are deadly combinations that can harm the kidneys and may cause early dialysis treatment for kids. [INPOSTLB]

Acids: Remember, toddlers have delicate digestive systems and organs. They’re supposed to take water, natural fruit juices, and milk only. The harmful effects of sodas and soft drinks come from the fact that they are acids that can terribly harm their health.

Zero Nutrition: No matter how manufacturers hype about how healthy they’ve made their sodas and soft drinks (by adding vitamins and minerals to them), they still contain zero nutrition. Whatever nutrients may have been added to them have already been neutralized or made useless by the acids and sugars present in them.

Suppresses Appetite: Because they are rich in sugar, sodas and soft drinks can suppress kids’ appetite for real food as they make their tummies feel full. Thus, kids get lesser chances of taking in nutrition from real natural food.

Tooth Decay: Studies have already shown how sodas and soft drinks—being super acidic and sugary—can destroy kids’ teeth. Just imagine if they take 2 to 3 cans of them a day.

Aspartame: Among the deadliest ingredients of some sodas and soft drinks—as well as a lot of powdered fruit juices—is aspartame. It causes bone cancer, diabetes, and bone weakness.

Now, you might want to get these sweet yet harmful beverages as far away as possible from your kids.