First of all, a lot of people are probably wondering what babywearing is all about. Second, how do you “wear” your baby? Can you “wear” your baby the way you wear clothes? Third, why “wear” your baby at all? It doesn’t make sense.

But it will, once you see what babywearing is about.

Babywearing is when you place your baby in a sling, wrap or structured carrier that is strapped to your body so you can carry the baby around all the time without necessarily holding them in your arms. It is designed to free your hands and arms from carrying the baby, while you do other things.

You carry the baby with a babywear carrier either on your back or in front of you.

Now that you have an idea of what it is, you probably have a lot more questions, like, is it safe for the baby? The simple answer is, yes it is. And it does make sense, isn’t it? Now here are other questions about babywearing you may want to ask as a follow-up to that first question.

When can I start wearing my baby?

As soon as the baby is born! Particularly, wraps and slings are ideal for newborns. They naturally support the body curves of an infant and actually promote bone and spinal health. Moreover, they are soft and gentle enough for your newborn. Just refer to the manufacturer’s size and weight manual to make a good buy and make sure you consult your pediatrician about it.

How Long Should I Wear the Baby?

As long as both of you are comfortable with it. Babywearing can be ideal for both baby and mom from newborn stage to toddler years. However, most toddlers get bored when always carried around. Some kids 1 to 2 years hate being often carried and extricate themselves to be placed on the floor to walk around on their own. If this is the case, don’t forfeit them of the pleasure unless they need to be carried for safety reasons.

How long in the day can you wear your baby without risking any possible physical injury to them? Well, as mentioned earlier, babywearing does not pose any risk of physical injury. Just make sure to get instructions from your pediatrician on how to do it properly. You may also consult infantile or juvenile physical therapists. And again, how long during the day is tolerable baby-wearing? As long as both of you don’t get tired doing it.

What baby carrier type should I buy?

To get a good buy, consider these questions:

  1. Is it comfortable to use for you and the baby?
  2. Does the carrier support the baby’s natural spine and hip development?
  3. Can you fit the baby into it on your own?
  4. Is the baby happy in it?
  5. Can the baby sitter or dad easily use it, too?

May these answers to the common questions about babywearing help you decide whether to try it or not. But many parents and babies are enjoying the practice, so it just might be worth trying.