This is definitely good news to pregnant moms. They should be eating more chocolates. And it’s absolutely good for the baby, too, according to a Swedish study. Specifically, it was noted that moms who ate chocolates during pregnancy protected their babies from maternal prenatal stress.

Maternal Prenatal Stress

Moms naturally experience stress during pregnancy. And stress like that affects their babies while yet in the womb. If pregnant moms are exposed to negative stress, their babies can be negatively affected emotionally as well. Stress can make babies too fearful or shy as they grow up and may end up a recluse or an anti-social. Thus, it’s important that moms are happy and eating chocolates during pregnancy can help them a lot.

Chocolates contain phenethylamine, which is responsible for the release of endorphins, which also trigger a feeling of well-being and happiness in us. Thus, a chocolate or two a day can help keep mom in a happy mood (and out of stress) all day during pregnancy. But wait, there’s more.

Rich in Antioxidants

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants that destroy free radicals. This prevents damage to the internal organs and systems of the body. Pregnant moms enjoying chocolates can be protected from ailments caused by free radicals. It is especially suspected that pre-eclampsia (that which makes pregnant moms suffer high blood pressure, fluid retention and proteinuria) is due partly to oxidative damage or free radical damage. Thus, getting enough antioxidants (from eating chocolates, for instance) can be a good part of pre-natal care.

Magnesium Content

[INPOSTLB]Chocolates have magnesium content that can help pregnant moms prevent pre-eclampsia. Moreover, with enough magnesium in their bodies, pregnant moms are further aided in avoiding morning sickness. Incidentally, if you happen to crave for chocolates, it may be a sign that you lack magnesium. The most enjoyable way to recover from this is to enjoy some chocolates.


Resveratrol is an important micronutrient that helps keep our hearts healthy, which every pregnant mom needs, especially during delivery. This micronutrient also protects the brain and the nervous system and is popular for helping us enjoy longer lives. Chocolates happen to be packed with Resveratrol.


Chocolates have anti-inflammatory properties, too. Anti-inflammation is what helps keep us from suffering a stroke and moms who are prone to high blood pressure during delivery can be protected. There are cases when mothers who have not monitored their health (especially their blood pressures) during pregnancy and discover too late that they have high blood pressure during delivery, right when they need to exert a lot of effort. This is why some moms suffer from a stroke when they’re about to give birth, putting themselves and their baby in grave danger.

But neither should moms abuse their chocolate consumption. Excessive indulgence in sweets can be dangerous for them, too. They should consult their OB Gyne doctors first before embarking on their chocolate journey.