One of the biggest challenges to parents, and even non-parents, when handling babies is how to calm a crying baby.  Well, this might just be your day as a pediatrician based in Santa Monica, California has shown just the right trick to help you overcome this problem.

According to Dr. Robert Hamilton, his trick is called “The Hold.”

To stop a baby from crying, he just folds the baby’s arms and put them across their chest while holding the baby’s bottom with his free hand. He keeps the baby at a 45-degree angle and rocks the baby gently, up and down. He also suggests shaking the baby’s bottom a bit during the rocking process.

Based on the YouTube videos showing Hamilton demonstrating his technique, the two babies calmed down in seconds!

As of posting, it already has more 10.2 million views. This might just be the perfect Christmas treat for parents, guardians, babysitters, and anyone who watches over a baby.

Watch the video below and see if it works on your baby too!