Christmas is almost synonymous to gifts. Your Christmas tree would be soulless if it’s not surrounded by gifts. As parents of young kids, especially infants, who don’t even recognize what gifts are, you might be the most excited about searching for the perfect gift for them. If you have friends with younger kids too, giving them the right gift would be important to you.

Some of the best gifts for babies and toddlers include the following:

Baby swing

Infants and toddlers, in fact, kids of all ages, love swings. Who wouldn’t love the feeling of flying in the air every time someone pushes the swing? Just make sure to choose one that can hold the baby safely. Soon enough, you’ll be hearing your baby’s exciting giggles or even a cute request, “Higher, Mom!”

Soft blocks set

The block set is a perfect toy for stimulating your baby’s mind. There are blocks sets made of soft, organic materials that are safe for them, even when their exploration of the toys involve using their mouth.

Activity gym

Even little people love getting physical. They might can still crawl around in this activity gym, where they can reach for and touch things for stimulation. Look for the most colorful activity gym there is to make it more fun for your baby.