More and more moms are seeing the practical sides of babywearing. Babywearing is when you place your baby in a soft baby carriage designed to be worn as a backpack. Some babies throw tantrums when they’re not always carried so what some moms do is “wear” them using these soft baby carriages. This way, the baby feels like they are being carried and stops crying while mom does the household chores and other things.

But is it a good and safe idea?

Other people feel babywearing may have some side effects, especially on the baby’s health–particularly body posture. Besides, wouldn’t the baby be spoiled when always carried?

So, let’s check out some benefits of babywearing to see why moms should “wear’ their babies more often.

  1. It supports breastfeeding.With the baby that close to mom (the baby is just behind mom’s back, or more preferably, right in front of her), mom can know right away whether the baby is hungry or not. And right there and then–because the baby is already carried close to mom’s breast (if carried in front of her) –breastfeeding can start.
  2. It promotes bonding.Again, being always that close to mom, bonding between mom and baby is enhanced. In fact, bonding can happen the whole day while mom is also busy working on something.
  3. It lessens the baby’s reasons to cry.Because soft baby carriages for babywearing is specifically designed for babies who always cry when not carried in the arms, the problem is now lessened, if not downright eliminated. And babies crying less means they are more assured or confident about being accepted and loved in the family. That’s the priority instead of worrying about spoiling the baby.  And also, babies crying less means less gas in the tummy that may cause severe stomach pains later.
  4. It promotes better posture.Contrary to worries about how babywearing may harm the baby’s body posture, it actually helps avoid cranial and spinal deformities when infants spend more time sitting in strollers, laid down on car seats and other baby contraptions where they can develop leg squaring.
  5. It improves the baby’s physiological functions.Babies who spend a lot of time in soft carriages and leaning on their moms can breathe better. Consequently, their normal heart rates are not impeded and their body temperature is more easily regulated while being close to mom.
  6. It allows for easy strolling.Babies with a developed sense of sight love to stroll around and see different sceneries. Compared to being confined to their crib, babies “worn” by moms are able to move around as their moms move around. Babywearing bores babies less.
  7. It gives moms more freedom.Aside from the benefits of babywearing for babies, it also promotes freer moms. They can keep the house in order, see their friends, go shopping and even go hiking or camping, enjoying the outdoors to the max, all while taking care of the baby full-time.

These are only a few of the reasons why moms should try babywearing. It does not only benefit the baby, but also themselves.