The holiday season usually means spending more time with family and since it’s rare to get time off together, most families choose to travel during the season. And take note that it is a totally different scenario if you’re traveling with kids. The last thing you need is to calm a baby throwing tantrums because he’s hungry or a toddler who wants to go potty. There are a few car essentials that you should bring with you before you hit the road.

1. Extra towels or blankets

These are perfect for cleaning up a messy car or for keeping your kids warm or cold, as needed.

2. Extra diaper bag

Fill it will all the essentials that your baby or toddler needs. Keep it stored in your car to avoid driving back home to fetch it.

3. Hand sanitizer

Make sure to buy one with no chemicals. This is perfect for cleaning those little fingers before they dip into a snack or stick their dirty fingers in their mouth after their playtime.