First of all, what is cod liver oil?

It’s an extract from the liver of cod fish, especially those found in the cold waters of the North Atlantic. But you need not go there for it, really. Cod liver oil is probably available in the grocery store nearest you.

And is it good for your toddler? For starters, it helps reduce the risk of type 1 diabetes in kids, especially when kids have a strong sweet tooth. Moreover, it’s an ideal source of Vitamins A and D and helps wounds heal fast, which is certainly beneficial since kids are prone to getting hurt and sustaining bruises or wounds. The oil also helps relieve gastric ulcers and upper respiratory problems and boost the immune system.

Believe it or not, cod liver oil also helps sharpen kids’ minds and lessen depression so they can feel great most times. And if you think these benefits are all there are to it, then wait, there’s more!

Here are the major health benefits of cod liver oil for kids in detail:

Lessens Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes

In 2003 in Norway, it was found that cod liver oil in the first year of babyhood lessens the possibility of diabetes from setting in. It can be either be delayed or completely eliminated due to the oil’s anti-inflammatory benefits given by the long-chain n-3 fatty acids.

Addresses Vitamin D Deficiency

Cod liver oil is rich in Vitamin D and supplements on this can help make up for deficiencies in kids to prevent poor bone development. Not having enough of this vitamin may lead to rickets. However, there is scientific proof that cod liver oil can help alleviate this with its rich Vitamin D content. [INPOSTLB]

Faster Healing of Wounds

Kids are prone to getting wounded, especially when they are playing. If you find your kid’s wounds do not heal fast enough, topical application of cod liver oil can help. Compared to the usual treatment of wounds, applying cod liver oil works faster, one study observed. The research team thinks it is due to its high Vitamin A content.

Alleviate Gastric Ulcers

Some active kids sometimes suffer from ulcers because they skip meals in their busy play schedule. Or, they take acidic beverages at a young age. The remedy can be cod liver oil, which is noted to quickly improve ulcer alleviation or even healing.

Smarter Kids

It’s quite amazing how cod liver oil is also found out to be helpful in keeping kids’ memories sharp due to its rich Omega-3-fatty acid content. This is an essential fatty acid with EPA, ALA and DHA, which are vital components of brain development in kids.

Are you ready to stock your kitchen with cod liver oil for kids now?