Babies and even older kids get very uncomfortable when their noses are congested due to cold or sticky mucus collecting in the nasal passages. A lot of times, almost nothing works, not even the medicine prescriptions for the common cold. Moreover, babies or kids with congested nose find it hard to sleep. What should you do?

There is a tool for decongesting noses and it’s called bulb syringe. It is shaped like a bulb with a long pointed tube on one side. The rubber bulb portion is used as suction. The trick is to simply insert the long thin and pointed tube into a nostril and pump the rubber bulb to suck the mucus out. But why it is that most times it doesn’t work? BabyCenter.Com tells us why and how to use it properly.

  1. First, apply saline solution. You can buy this from any drugstore or make one yourself. Just put warm water in a cup and put a half teaspoon of fine salt and dissolve. Then, using a dropper, put one to two drops of it in each nostril as the baby or kid is lying flat on his back with head upright and the chin a bit raised to expose the nostrils. The saline solution softens mucus to prevent it from sticking to the nasal walls and makes it easier to suck out.
  2. Then, use the bulb syringe. Why is it sometimes ineffective? It’s because the pointed thin tube is not placed correctly in the nostrils. When this happens, no vacuum is created and the suction becomes useless, sucking in only air. The proper way is:
  • Push the rubber syringe in with your thumb first to push out air before inserting it into a nostril. Don’t insert it and then push because this will only push the mucus further back.
  • Instead, gently push the thin tube into the nostril all the way—as far as it can go—and then suck the mucus out. Pushing it gently all the way creates a vacuum that makes the suction effective. If the tube is just partially placed inside the nostril, no effective suction will happen.
  1. Once mucus is sucked up, take out the tube from the nostril and push out it out of the tube onto a tissue paper. Then try with the other nostril.

After the process, clean the tube well and let it dry before keeping it. Now, you’ll help your baby asleep in no time once they feel the relief having a congested nose.

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