You can’t exactly party the New Year’s Eve away when you have to take care of the little ones, but having kids shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the occasion either. There are so many creative ways to ring in the New Year with the kids. Just try some of them below:

Dress up.

Wear your little black dress, have your husband wear the sharpest suit, and prepare some cute outfits for your kids. You can even let them pick an outfit for themselves. Not only will you make the night more fun, but it’ll also make for great pictures.

Prepare some balloon bunches.

This will be like watching the ball drop to welcome the New Year, but you’ll be using balloons instead. Drop the bunch at midnight and let your kids have fun with the contents of each balloon, from candies to small toys.

Showcase your talents.

Let your kids sing and dance as much as they’d like. You can invite kids over and host kids’ parties, karaoke competitions, and games.

Host a party at noon.


If you have very young kids who shouldn’t stay up late into the night, you can let them have a New Year Noon Party instead.

Serve sparkling water and cheers to the New Year.

To make it more fun and colorful, you can mix sparkling water with cotton candy. Make sure to put them in fancy glasses to make the kids feel like they’re also part of the grownups.

Make some noise.

Let your kids’ creativity out by allowing them to make noisemakers. It can be as simple as putting coins in empty soda cans or putting beads in water bottles. [INPOSTLB]

Allow your kids to make their own party hat.

They can spend their New Year’s Even DIYing their own hat. It’s pretty simple, as long as you prepare all the materials that they need and guide them throughout the process.

Let the games begin!

Explore your family’s competitive side by starting some games. It would be better to go old school with this one, such as a game of Monopoly, scrabble, or anything that will allow even the younger kids to participate.

Prepare some bags of goodies.

You can have them reveal the content of each bag every 30 minutes or so until midnight. Each bag should require a different activity for the family each time and different treats for each kid.

Ring in the New Year.


If you don’t want your kids to wait for midnight, just pretend that the clock has already struck 12 and ring in another year!

Celebrating the New Year with the kids will always be an exciting event. Their genuine happiness in welcoming another year into their lives will certainly rub off on you.