The B Vitamins, or what they call Vitamin B complex, are especially beneficial for the kids’ growing up years. These vitamins are involved in both the mental and physical developments of children in their formative years. Primarily, Vitamin B for kids promotes growth and strength, as well as mental stimulation. When kids seem to have problems with their skin, hair, eyes, and nails, it’s probably due to Vitamin B deficiency.

Moreover, this vitamin helps normalize oxygen circulation in the human body, particularly in the brain. Thus, if you want your kid to improve their mental focus, give them Vitamin B. It also greatly helps in decreasing stress in kids and improving heart and nervous system health in the process.

To better see how Vitamin B for kids works, here’s a summary of what the different vitamins in Vitamin B complex do. It has 8 basic vitamins, including the following:

B1 is thiamine: This protects kids from beriberi, which is a problem caused by a lack of thiamine and which can lead to epilepsy problems in worse conditions.

B2 is riboflavin: This vitamin protects kids from glossitis, or the inflammation of the tongue. Moreover, this vitamin also protects them from cheilosis, or the drying signs at the corners of the mouth, eye pains, especially one due to light sensitivity, and skin rashes.

B3 is niacin: This vitamin protects your kid from pediatric pellagra, which is an ailment characterized by anorexia and weakness. In the worst cases, the ailment also leads to dermatitis, nausea, abdominal pains, and diarrhea. B3 also aids in dilating the blood vessels to improve blood circulation. Moreover, niacin helps keep your toddler from having anxiety, depression, weak focus, and irritability.

B5 is pantothenic acid: Vitamin B5 has lots of uses in the body, such as preventing allergies, asthma, and baldness. In general, it is good for the body’s proper usage of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins and for maintaining skin health. It also protects your kid from gastrointestinal conditions, extreme weakness, and depression.


B6 is pyridoxine: This vitamin is essential for bone health and for maintaining the nervous system, red blood cell production, and maintenance of certain body hormones. It helps prevent anemia and irritability in kids.

B7 is biotin: This helps prevent skin rashes and lesions. It also keeps the nervous system healthy. Lack of it, may result to numbness and an uncomfortable tingling sensation.

B9 is folic acid. This important vitamin can help prevent birth defects even during pregnancy. It also helps blood cell production and the synthesis of DNA.

B12 is cobalamin: This vitamin boosts red blood cell production and nerve cell function. It protects kids from anemia and related problems, like poor blood formation. It prevents hindered growth and weak muscles.

After knowing all these benefits from Vitamin B, make sure to consult the pediatrician about this supplement.