Toddlers would touch anything within reach. They love using their sense of touch and learn a lot from it. But there are things they shouldn’t even go near to, like hot flat iron, kettles, pots, pans, and water. Although they can be prevented, sometimes accidents still happen.

So here are some important tips if your active toddler suffers burns or scalds:

Put the affected area under running cold water

This will help lessen the heat on the skin. It will also reduce the burning sensation that inflicts irritating pain on kids—and remember that most kids have low tolerance for pain. It should be running water to avoid infection from settling on the burn.

If no running cold water is available, soak the affected part in clean cold water. In case you are outdoors and no clean water is available, you may use clean and sterile, cold fluids like cold drinks or beverages sealed in bottles or cans. Cold milk in sealed boxes will also do, but prefer clean running cold water whenever available.

However, this treatment shouldn’t last for more than 10 minutes. Avoid exposing babies and toddlers to a very cold temperature.

Clean the open burnt wound

If there’s an open wound caused by the burn, use clean and non-fluffy cloth or cotton to cover it with. Clean gauze is ideal. The first thing we want to prevent is infection setting, which will complicate matters. Then go take the kid to a doctor for proper treatment and medication.

Know what to do if clothes stick to the skin

In worse cases when the burning is so intense that the clothes stick to the skin, don’t take the clothes off. It may peel off the skin and allow infection to come in. The best thing to do is take the kid immediately to the hospital.

Hold off applying topical remedies

When a burn happens and scalding causes an open wound, don’t put any medication or topical remedies—especially not butter or toothpaste, which some people recommend. They make wounds prone to infection. Don’t even put “known” topical remedies for burns. The best thing to do is place the wound on running cold water, cover with clean gauze, and take the kid to the doctor.

Putting ointments or oil will just complicate medical treatment later because cleaning them off will cause added pain to the toddler.

Learn what to do with blisters

Blisters will naturally burst open so don’t force them to or prick them with needles. Just cover them with clean dressing. When they do burst open, just maintain covering them with clean gauze until they naturally heal.

Keep calm even when your toddler suffers burns or scalds, so you can follow the above remedies. Otherwise, you might put your toddler in even greater danger.

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