It’s unfair to have your Christmas dinner table filled with delectable foods and desserts while all your young toddler gets is his usual bottle of formula milk. And worse, all he can do is watch older kids and adults around him eat to their hearts’ delight while he sucks monotonously on his pacifier.

Kids about two years of age or so are usually still on plain-looking soft diets like rice soups and mashed potatoes. Initially, these things look interesting to them, but even babies can get bored with usual foods served to them over and over again. And that’s very unfortunate, especially during the holiday season, when homes have their best food menus on the dinner table.

So, what’s in it for the new kid at home?

Well, with a little imagination and the right healthy ingredients, your toddler can have his share of the yummy Yuletide food dishes–especially desserts. And here are some suggestions for Christmas desserts for toddlers you can consider: