To most parents, it may seem most unlikely that this could happen to their child—swallowing poison. Indeed, with the right care and precaution, things like this can be prevented. But just to make sure, it’s better to know what to do in case it actually happens. What should you do if your kid swallowed poison?

If your child swallowed a medicine or pill not prescribed for them:

1.Determine if your kid indeed swallowed it. The opened bottle may be in your kid’s hand but that doesn’t mean the tot actually swallowed one. Or, the pill may have dropped on the floor and rolled under some furniture. However, if these things cannot be verified and you want to make doubly sure about your kid’s safety, rush him to a hospital.

2.Take the medicine with you. Take the bottle or pack of medicine from which your kid got and swallowed the pill from. In the confusion and stress, it’s possible to forget the name of the medicine and this may delay treatment at the hospital. Thus, taking the bottle or pack with you would identify the medicine easier.

This will also give doctors an idea of how many pills were in the bottle and the possible number of pills your kid swallowed. It will be better if you bring along the prescription.

3.Prepare for resuscitation. If you or someone around knows how to resuscitate a kid, be ready for the occasion. In case the child stops breathing, you will need to perform resuscitation procedures. If no one knows about it, rush the kid to a hospital before respiratory problems happen.

4.Refrain from giving your kid water or salt. Don’t give your kid “neutralizing drinks” or anything that would worsen how your kid feels.

What to do if your kid swallowed poison in the form of a chemical:

1.Rush your kid to the hospital. The first thing you should do is rush the kid to the nearest hospital.

2.The name of the chemical is important. Jot it down on a piece of paper and take it with you to the hospital as you rush your kid there. Better if you take the whole label or container with you so the emergency staff at the hospital will know what specific ingredients are in the solution.

3.If there is soreness around the mouth, your kid probably swallowed something corrosive. Making the kid sip water or milk to ease the pain and then lose no time to rush him to the hospital.




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