Christmas is a time for eating everything special and delicious, like your kids’ favorite desserts and sweets. For sure, the family fridge will be stocked with candy canes and chocolates, cakes and pastries, and other sweet desserts.

For instance, what family dinner table would be complete without a huge box of Crema de Fruta or Leche Flan on Christmas? What Yuletide stockings¬†won’t be filled with candy bars and chocolates, among other things?

But sweets can also be a kids’ worst enemy at Christmas. Some sweet delicacies today are sweetened not with mere sugar, but with chemical sweeteners. These are sometimes 10 times sweeter than sugar and could cause quick irritation of kids’ tonsils that leads to tonsillitis.

And we all know how troublesome tonsillitis can be to kids as it can give them high fever that sometimes reaches to over 40 degrees centigrade. That is certainly dangerous, to the extent that they might need hospitalization. Not only so, but it could also ruin the entire holiday celebration, not just of your kid but probably the whole family.

But there are ways to avoid all that trouble and still let your kids enjoy the Christmas season’s sweet delicacies and flavors. The following tips on how to prevent tonsillitis can help:

  1. Keep sweets to a minimum each meal. For instance, allowing your kid 3 different varieties of sweets. A good example would be a slice of cake, a candy bar or two and probably a small bowl of fruit salad. These will be enough to keep your sweet-toothed kid happy and at the same time safe from tonsillitis.
  2. Always make your kid drink lots of water. This is especially necessary after eating sweets. In the case of the previous example, kids should drink 2 to 3 glasses of water to wash down all the sugars that may stick to their throat and tonsils. Aside from this, they should get the recommended regular 8 glasses of water each day.
  3. Let them drinking water regularly. It would fill their tummy and “water down” their appetite to eat more sweets.
  4. Make sure your kids get their regular dosage of sodium ascorbate Vitamin C. Ask your pediatrician for a sodium ascorbate prescription to boost their immune system. However, stay away from ascorbic acid, which may cause stomach acidity.
  5. Go for fresh juices. Aside from Vitamin C supplements, give your kids fresh fruit juices with zero sugar daily (derived from real fruits, not powdered or instant juices). This will boost their immune system. Juices from real fruits like apples, grapes and watermelon are naturally sweetened enough. Don’t worry about nutrition overdose. The human body safely disposes of any excess nutrition naturally through the urine or sweat.
  6. Keep soft drinks away from your kids. Sugar in soft drinks is worse than sugar in cakes and candies.

To keep your holidays happy and sweet, make sure to pay attention to how to prevent tonsillitis in the middle of sugary treats.