At the sight of cough or cold and slight fever, what do most parents do to their kids? They give them the usual cold, cough, and fever medicines, of course, or what they call over-the-counter medicines or OTC. They are thus termed because anyone can buy them over the counter at any drugstore even without a doctor’s prescription.

But the question is, are they safe for your kids?

OTC medicines have the ability to give quick relief because after only a few hours, sick kids often feel better and their fever is usually gone. However, some of them have side effects affecting the liver, especially.

The American Academy of Pediatrics or AAP has warned that OTC drugs used for relieving runny noses, stuffiness, cold or coughs are not really effective for toddlers younger than 6 years old. Actually, they can even have harmful side effects as mentioned earlier. For kid under 6 years of age, acetaminophen or ibuprofen is often given and other safe home remedies.

The Healing Power of Honey in Kids

However, in a study conducted in 2004, it has been found that some common cough syrups usually prescribed for kids worked just as effectively as non-medicated cough syrups. Then, in 2007, another study found that pure organic honey was more effective in treating coughs than did medicated or OTC cough syrups for toddlers 2 years old and above.

Honey actually provides soothing relief when mucus membranes are inflamed during cough bouts and eases throat irritation that causes cough. Moreover, if you want your kid protected against the side effects of OTC medicines to the liver, 100% organic honey is the best natural liver protection. [INPOSTLB]

In fact, pure organic honey has a lot of health benefits for toddlers at least 1 year old and above. Aside from relieving cough and protecting the liver, it is rich in other vital nutrients for boosting kids’ health. But honey should not be given to kids under 1 year old.

Dangers of OTC

OTC medicines are prone to overdose. Just a few errors in the frequency and amount they are given can be dangerous to the health of your kids. Overdose is not a light matter. It is estimated that in the US, about 7,000 kids are rushed to emergency rooms each year due to medicine overdose, particularly involving a cold and cough OTC medication.

On the other hand, 100% organic honey has no overdose. If you happen to put too much honey on the tablespoon or in your kid’s fruit juices, there’s no cause for worry. Honey is just food. It is gathered by bees from fruit and flower nectars and regurgitated into the bee hive system where enzymes turn the nectar into honey.

If you want the safer and healthier option for your babies, go natural now. Just make sure to look for pure organic honey as an alternative to OTC medications.