Suddenly, your toddler speaks! Rejoice! You have every reason to celebrate once you hear your baby’s first words. But once the euphoria dies down, you might wonder if other kids have uttered the same words as well. Well, according to Popsugar’s survey of more than 11,000 members of Circle of Moms, their forum, here are the most common words that moms heard from their tots:

  1. Dad, or its variations, such as Daddy, Dada, Papa, etc.
  2. Mom, or its variations, such as Mommy, Mama, Mum, etc
  3. Hi, or its variations, such as Hey, Hello, Hiya, or Heya
  4. Buba, or its variations, such as Baba or Bub
  5. Dog, or its variations, such as Puppy or Doggy
  6. Ball
  7. No
  8. Cat or Kitty
  9. Nana
  10. Bye
  11. Duck
  12. Ta or Tata
  13. Baby
  14. Uh oh
  15. Car

It’s not surprising why the pet names for moms and dads are on top of the list for baby’s first words because they are easier to pronounce and are often a good way for babies to practice vocalization (refer to Babies Around the World Babble the Same Way). Based on the survey, 52 percent cited Dad as their baby’s first word, while 35 percent said that it was Mom.

Why dad then? It’s because the d sound is easier for babies to make than the m  sound. This is also why some babies may say dog, duck, or cat before saying mama. [INPOSTLB]

The other words in the list above are likely those words that you say frequently, such as a resounding no or uh oh. If your baby was able to utter these words, it only means that they often hear it from you.

Babies love mimicking things, which is a part of their being social creatures. This is why they might easily imitate “hi” and “bye,” or even a “thank you” or a “please.”

During mealtime, you may also frequently hear “bottle” or “juice.” Make sure to talk to your kid and say the names of the food they are going to eat out loud.

Words referring to body parts, such as “eye” or “nose” may also be uttered. Words related to garments, such as “shoe” or a slight variation and “hat,” may also be uttered.

According to a study, kids learn faster once they have learned about 50 words or so. This is usually when they reach 19 to 21 months old. If they often learned three words a day, they might learn up to 10 per day at this point.