Giving pure organic honey to your kids regularly gives them sustained and prolonged energy to meet the challenges of the day. It also provides vitamins and minerals for immune and health boosts, protection for the liver, faster healing of wounds, and shield against the common cold and cough, among many others.

The Essence of Nature’s Beauty

Honey is actually the essence of nature’s beauty. Honey bees extract this essence from the nectar of various flowers, digest it, release in the hives, and turn the nectar into honey. The enzyme formed in the hives help a lot in the transformation. If everything the bees get from flowers are organic and the hives are organic, you get your pure honey. There are organic bee farms that sell this kind of honey.

Honey for Toddlers

Toddlers 1 year or older can be given organic honey, but the younger ones are not ready for this natural sweetness just yet. The dormant endospores that may be found in honey can be harmful to infants. These are bacterial species called Clostridium botulism that may cause botulism, affecting their lower digestive system. Thus, experts recommend pure organic honey for toddlers at least one year of age—or as your pediatrician advises.

Health Benefits

Here are the health benefits of honey:


  1. As mentioned earlier, honey provides energy as a sweetener kids love. The types of sugar it provides are:
  • Sucrose: main component of cane or beet sugar.
  • Fructose: sugar produced by sweet fruits.
  • Glucose: a simple form of sugar.

These sugars are digested differently in the body. Sucrose and glucose are easy to digest and gives energy only for a moment. They also speedily shoot up sugar in the blood because they easily enter the bloodstream. But fructose take a longer time to digest, entering the bloodstream later, and thus staying longer in the body to provide energy.

  1. Vitamins and minerals: Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains amino acids (protein) for helping toddlers grow well. The nutrition bees get from sucking the nectar of fruit flowers is the nutrition your toddler gets. Thus, the vitamins and minerals present in a particular type of honey vary, depending on the plants present in their environment.
  2. Liver protection: Your kid gets liver protection if you give them pure organic honey when they take synthetic medicines, like paracetamol or analgesic. Too much paracetamol may damage the liver, but clinical tests show honey can serve as liver protection for your kids.
  3. Faster wound healing: Kids are prone to bruises and wounds. Giving kids honey can help heal their wounds faster. Topical application is recommended, but ingesting some won’t hurt and may even boost internal protection against infection.
  4. Cough and cold control: It is an effective remedy for kids’ cold and cough, giving soothing relief on mucous membrane inflammation and throat irritations. Some folks even mix it with fresh lemon to beef up its Vitamin C content.

Let your toddlers taste the sweetest food Mother Nature can offer. Who needs sugar when you have honey, right?