Dental care for your kids is important. For starters, good teeth are always a component of your kid’s self confidence. Secondly, oral care can prevent a lot of other serious ailments–like tonsillitis, which lots of toddlers often deal with when they start developing their sweet tooth.

But don’t worry, prevention is so easy. Just teach your kid his dental brushing and flossing 101. And here are some vital tips:

Kids should start brushing at 2 years old.

Two years old is when most kids start eating solid food–and start loving meat. Dads and moms should make brushing their kid’s teeth part of the daily cleaning ritual. Consult your dentist for the proper pediatric toothbrush, which is super gentle on your kid’s gums and easy for you to handle when brushing your toddler’s teeth.

Demonstrate how tooth brushing should go.

Most kids find teeth brushing strange–even scary. But you can change its image and make it look like it’s a lot of fun. Remember, kids like imitating their parents. So, “lure” your kids by showing them how much fun you’re having with brushing your teeth. And also show them how to rinse the mouth. Then they will literally beg for it. The problem is they may like it so much that they’d want to do it every hour.

Teach them proper brushing strokes.

Brushing is not just brushing per se. There are proper strokes to follow when brushing the teeth and your dentist can help you out on this. To have an idea, proper brushing involves up and down gentle stokes along the grain of the teeth and which also gently hits the gums.

Brush for at least two minutes.

Proper teeth brushing, to be effective for both kids and adults, should be at least two minutes. Well, with small kids you do it gradually until finally you cover two minutes.

Do it twice a day.

Brush your kid’s teeth at least twice a day, morning and evening. With small toddlers–since it can be messy brushing their teeth–it can be done once a day before or after taking a bath.

Floss once a day.

When your kid gets to be about 3 or 4 years old, start flossing his teeth and then brush them after. Do this before going to bed at night. Flossing gets rid of food particle hiding in-between teeth and between teeth and gums that mere brushing cannot reach.

Allow your kid to do it by himself.

You start out by doing it for your kid–brushing and flossing his teeth. Then gradually, train him to do it by himself. Brushing and flossing is usually doable for kids when they get to be 4 or 5 years old.

Aside from the above basic dental lessons, limit your kid’s snacks to natural foods and take him to the dentist every 6 months.