Toddlers are naturally active and daring. They’d try almost anything in their untiring curiosity. And sometimes, kids fall accidentally—falling off from the stairs, chair, bed, or tripping while walking or running. What should you do if these things happen?

A Bump on the Head

Bumps on the head are sometimes serious injuries. If they result to a small swelling, simply gently rub the part with your fingers and apply cold compress. Put ice in an ice bag or cloth and press gently against the affected area. Swelling, however, is a good sign that the bump has no internal complications. The injury surfaced and that’s all you have to worry about. What’s worth worrying about is when a serious bump on the head results to zero inflammation. Bring the toddler to a hospital at once.

For big or small swelling, however, it’s advisable to consult your pediatrician.

Bone Fracture

If kids fall and suffer a bone fracture, don’t move the kid, particularly the part where the bone fracture is located. Call an ambulance and the medics will take care of how to move the child. If you know how to apply a sling properly, you may do so as first aid. The thing here is, the child should get medical help as soon as possible. Aside from the fact that he needs relief from the pain, the bone should be treated soon to avoid worse dislocations and disfigurement after healing. [INPOSTLB]

Serious Head Fall

If a serious head fall happens, the child may feel dizzy and weak. Let the child rest and try to calm him down while you call for an ambulance. Better yet, rush him to the hospital in a car.  If the child is in shock, make him lie down and rest. Keep the kid warm enough if he feels cold, but not too warm. Talk to him reassuringly and gently to keep him calm and avoid making him too nervous.

Convulsions after a Serious Fall

If the child suffers seizures after falling, make him lie down to his side in case he vomits. This also prevents choking, in case the kid was swallowing something when he had the attack. It’s important for you to keep calm, as well, so you can think clearly. Moreover, it’s vital to call for an ambulance at once or rush the child to the nearest hospital if you have a car.

However, the best thing is to have precautionary measures, like preventing kids from falling by making his surroundings safe. And always make sure your kid is being looked after. Kids are not designed to be alone.

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