Getting along well with your toddler and raising him or her up well depends a lot things you and your tot will discover about each other. Most things toddlers learn and assimilate are what they see in their parents. So, here are some pieces of parenting advice that you need to remember whenever your toddler is around.

1. Do be consistent.

Being so sends mixed signals that may confuse your toddler, especially where identifying right from wrong is concerned. Showing your kid it isn’t proper to hurt people physically and watching movies where people hurt each other, like boxing, and cheering for your bet is a good example of parenting inconsistency. Or, saying soda isn’t good for your health and letting them see you drinking it.

2. Don’t show favoritism.

To minimize sibling rivalry, watch how you treat your kids during family bonding time. Go equal on praises, appreciation, and correction. It would be better if you have some alone time with each one of them instead of just spending time with them altogether all the time. Psychologist Thomas Phelan and author of1-2-3 Magic say, “Kids cherish time alone with one parent.”

3. Don’t give them too much help.

Don’t keep helping your kids out, leaving them no opportunity to figure out things for themselves. Avoid making them too dependent on you at all cost. Just make sure that they are doing something safely, but do let them take care of themselves. This makes them a stronger and more capable person when they grow up.

4. Don’t impose too many don’ts.

It’s vital to teach toddlers what’s right from wrong, but don’t expect too much from them. Phelan reminds parents, “Talking can lead to what I call the talk-persuade-argue-yell-hit pattern.” He also adds that parents should not forget that toddlers are still babies and their logical reasoning and understanding are still forming. Give them a chance to learn what they did wrong and how to correct it.

5. Do give them soft food.

Remember to introduce soft food to your toddler every now and then, not just milk. You can feed them small pieces of shredded chicken, pork, or fish meat, as well as pieces of soft bread. Mashed potato or squash is an excellent choice, too.

6. Do engage them in early potty training.

Giving your child potty training when they’re too young to adapt to it may cause unnecessary stress or even trauma on the toddler. This might make future potty training more daunting than usual. Once training starts, always give space or room for mistakes or failures. Everything should be enjoyable for toddlers. If at this time the kid is still uncomfortable with potty training, try again tomorrow, the next day, and so on, until you find the right timing.

7. Don’t stop every tantrum.

Some tantrums can be pacified or stopped with discipline, but others may need time for the toddlers to completely express their emotions.

These are only a few of the things that you need to remember as parents. You’re not only a disciplinarian, but also a role model for your kids, so be extra careful with what you say or do as well when they are around.