It’s bound to happen. Your baby is apt to bump his head now and then, and sometimes even seriously. Sometimes, toddlers even fall on their heads from climbing cribs, high chairs or stairs. And most parents excessively worry when it’s a head injury we’re talking about.

What should you do when your toddler seriously bumps his head on something?

Observe the toddler closely.

If the toddler seems to be okay and acts normally and business-as-usual after the bump or fall, it doesn’t always mean everything is indeed all right. Do observe the child for 24 hours, especially if fell on his head. Although babies’ and young toddlers’ skulls are still soft and flexible and not as susceptible to fracturing as those of older kids, it’s better to consult the doctor even if the toddler seems okay after a fall.

Keep the child awake.

How else can you observe any changes in the toddler unless he is kept awake? Thus, after a serious bump on the head or a fall, it’s vital to keep the child awake to see any changes. As soon as any abnormal reactions manifest (disorientation, wild cries probably due to severe headache, strange eye movements, or vomiting, to name a few), take the kid immediately to a hospital.

Apply cold compress on the bump.

If swelling manifests on the part of the head that suffered a bump, apply cold compress immediately. Simply wrap a piece of ice on a cloth or towel and place on the bump. However, this is just a first aid measure. Do take the kid later to a doctor for a checkup.

Take the toddler to a hospital.

Here are signs your toddler needs to be rushed to a hospital right after a bump or fall.


Loss of consciousness.

When your toddler seriously bumps his head and loses consciousness, call an ambulance immediately or rush the kid to the nearest hospital. If the toddler is not breathing, apply CPR or ask the help of someone who knows CPR while taking the child to a hospital.

Uncontrolled bleeding.

If bleeding on the head results from a bump or fall–and you can’t control or stop it–take the kid to a hospital.


If a seizure happens right after or moments after a serious bump or fall, it could be a serious emergency case. Take the child to a hospital pronto.

A broken bone or possible skull fracture.

If you suspect that the child has any kind of head injury, or worse, an actual broken bone or fractured skull, rush him or her to a hospital. Here are signs the toddler has a possible skull injury: a soft, swollen part of the scalp (located above or behind the ear); blood streaks on the white of the kid’s eyes; blood or pinkish fluid issuing from the nose or ears.