Childhood is bound to come with some health problems, which doctors say is normal as kids develop their immune system. But there are vaccines to cushion their effect. Unfortunately, there are no “vaccines” to avoid dental problems. They will happen, often in full force.

But the good news is, there are temporary home dental remedies while you are arranging a schedule to visit your dentist. Here are some dental problems you and your kid should be prepared for.

Wiggly Tooth

This is among popular dental problems kids will have to deal with. Milk teeth or temporary teeth, which kids have initially on their gums are destined to wiggle and become loose the moment permanent teeth assert its right on the gum. Permanent teeth grow out of the gum from under the temporary ones. This often happens when your kid is 6 years old. Sometimes it’s painful, but often it’s bothersome to kids, especially when the tooth bleeds.

The remedy? Nothing–well, except probably mom’s comfort and assurance that everything’s all right. Wiggly teeth naturally come off when it’s time. And when it does come off, the pain, bleeding and uneasiness stop.

Can you pull it out by yourself to end your kid’s misery? Some people do this but infection can easily set in without dental expertise. So, if it gets to the point when your kid can no longer tolerate it, have it pulled out by a dentist.


Tooth cavities sometimes start happening when the kid discovers sweet desserts. But always, cavities are due to food–sweet or otherwise–that sticks to the teeth or gums and causes decay there. Improper brushing has no power over it. What happens is that infection from decaying food particles in the tooth or gums starts to destroy the teeth, especially the crown.

And sometimes, the smaller the cavity, the greater the pain.

The best remedy is to have the damage checked by a dentist. Better yet, apply preventive measures as early as now. Teach your kid the correct way of brushing teeth and also apply dental floss on his or her teeth. Ask your dentist for tips on this.


Gingivitis is often caused by improper or zero brushing. This is when food particles get stuck up for long in the area where the gum and tooth meet, inflame it, and then clog the spot so that the blood supply is limited. It causes pus to develop inside the gum and results to bad breath. In worse cases, just a slight touch on the affected tooth causes so much pain.

The remedy? It’s often antibiotic. But never self-medicate. Have a dentist see the problem immediately. Taking paracetamol or an analgesic can help relieve your kid for a while as you are scheduling a visit to the dentist. But make sure the paracetamol or analgesic is doctor prescribed.

You might not have to bother much with knowing about dental remedies if you prevent the problems from happening in the first place. A good preventive measure is to teach your child how to brush his teeth and gums properly. Consult your dentist about this.